Food Photography Business

Ways to Make Money with Food Photography

Does professional food photography entice you? If you dream of getting your food images appearing on the leading Food Photography Contests or Campaigns, then it is high time that you start taking food photography on a serious note. Though this might sound interesting, it is important to understand that you have just touched the tip of the iceberg. For most of the food photographers out there, there is much of hustling & creativity involved when it comes to monetizing the given work & skills.

If you wish to make your food photographic skills as a potential career option, then here are some top ways to make money with professional food photography:

  • In-House Food Photographer: Most of the Sydney food photographers are independent contractors. However, you can also come across a few part-time as well as full-time food photography positions in the field of media, publishing, and leading food corporations out there. Clients also prefer hiring you as in-house on-demand photographer to visit their respective offices once in a week or month & take care of the specialized food photography needs.


You can come across several arrangements with the larger clients that aim at offering immense flexibility & stability for the in-house food photographers. It is considered the best option to go for negotiating a monthly project fee or a retainer such that the overall budget, scope & timeline of the given project are set in advance.

  • Editorial Photoshoots: Leading food magazines are known for hiring professional food photographers on a regular or contractual basis for the purpose of shooting restaurants, recipes, and even events for the printing as well as online editorial publications. You can also consider the role of smaller niche & trade publications like some of the online platforms that claim to be having an endless demand for professional food photography.


You can come across plentiful editorial photoshoot requirements. Though these might come with smaller budget, they are known for offering greater creative freedom & serve to be excellent marketing tools for your photography skills.


  • Commercial Photoshoots: Right from the leading food brands to the local restaurants or cafes out there, every client in the culinary industry & even beyond require high-quality, professional food photographers on a regular basis. The advertising of the food menu or recipes in such area needs to be fresh & crisp. With the need for updated menus & the hunger of the social media outlets out there, there is a great demand for the commercial food photographers.


  • Teaching: If you enjoy sharing your personal food photographic skills and teaching the artistic as well as the technical sides of food photography, you can try locating a specialized photography school, culinary school, college program, or some kind of food media association that provides food photography classes or sessions. You can also teach online through your own food photography channel and can earn a good amount of money in the process.


Try exploring the different career options as a professional food photographer! Want more tips – see © adrian harrison photography.